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Halyard Shackle

  • 307-004R: Selden Shackle Ø12x24x41 (Hi-Load) ST 307-080R: Selden Shackle Ø4x8x15 ST

    Selden Forged Shackles

    Selden Forged Shackles - Stainless AISI 316, Duplex (307-004R) - Max working load/breaking load are valid when the shackle is fitted to appropriate Seldén block Specifications 307-004R: Shackle Ø12x24x41 (Hi-Load) ST Weight: 196...

    $28.74 - $110.84
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  • RF6031/RF6032/RF6033
*Indicative product image. Actual product may differ slightly from that shown.

    Ronstan Exit Plates, Stainless Steel

    Exit Plates, Stainless Steel Product No. Description Max Rope Ø(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Weight (g) RF6031 Small Exit Plate 10 21.0 159.0 45 RF6032 Medium Exit Plate 12 26.0 203.0 70 RF6033 Large Exit...

    $34.77 - $43.42
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  • Ronstan Halyard Shackle

    Ronstan Halyard Shackles

    HALYARD SHACKLES Product No. Description A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) PL/BL (kg) UDL/BL (kg) Weight (g) RF1032 Halyard Shackle, Pin 3/16” 4.8 22 10.5 15 900 1200 30 RF1033 Halyard Shackle, Pin 1/4” 6...

    $18.23 - $26.82
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  • Part#2107

    Harken 5mm Captive Halyard Shackle

    The beautiful stainless steel shackles we use on Harken® blocks are available separately. Harken has increased the range in both configurations and sizes. Part Number: 2107 FeaturesImperialMetric Description 5 mm Captive Halyard SS...

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