Harken Radial Rewind Electric Winch

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Harken's Rewind™ Radial® Electric Winch is exactly what cruisers have been looking for in push-button sail control. Now you can ease and trim loaded sails in both directions without ever taking the line out of the self-tailer.

In standard mode, Rewind works exactly the same as a Harken 2-speed winch. But flip the red knob on the winch base and the patented rewind function activates. You can adjust sail with fingertip control without ever going to the winch and manually releasing the line from the drum.

• Rewind™ operates like a standard Harken 2-speed electric winch-fast for speed, slow for power.
• The rewind function is activated by turning the red knob on the winch base. Sails can be trimmed and eased from a remote location using the twin in/out buttons.
• A Harken locking handle inserted into an unloaded winch automatically disconnects the motor gear for manual operation.
• The Rewind is available in 12-volt or 24-volt horizontal motor.

Use for:
Use to trim loaded jibs, mainsheets and to raise and lower halyards on boats from 35 to 48 ft (10.6 to 14.6m).

Part Number: 46RWA

  Imperial Metric
Drum Dia. 3 7/8" 100 mm
Base Dia. 7 1/4" 184 mm
Height 8" 203 mm
Max Line Dia. 3/8" 10 mm
Min Line Dia. 9/16" 14 mm
Fastener Circle 5 7/8" 150 mm
Fasteners (SH or HH) 5 x 5/16" 5x8
Gear ratio 1 2.3 2.3
Gear ratio 2 9.17 9.17
Power ratio 1 11.7 11.7
Power ratio 2 46.5 46.5
Weight 35.3 lb 16 kg
  Imperial Metric
Line Entry Height (LE) 3 9/16" 90 mm
E 1 3/4" 43 mm
F 6 1/8" 155 mm
G 11" 280 mm

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