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One Design Central


Welcome to One Design Central, home of the sails made in Australia by our very own Aus Sailmakers, and a collection of all the hardware and gear you need for a new fit out or to give you that edge in the forthcoming season.


AUS Sailmakers 

AUS Sailmakers are the largest manufacturer of One Design sails in Australia - and an unrivalled record of tremendous results at State, National and World Championship level.

Not content to rest on their laurels, AUS Sailmakers constantly develop not only their sail designs and construction methods.   5o5 sail designs are continually refined each season, leverage feedback from competitors and the leading sail design package - SMAR-Azure.

As a truly independent organisation, AUS Sailmakers can select cloth and materials from all of the world’s sources and then manufacture your sail at a definitively competitive price - and now, you can order your new sail here.   Simply select the sail you are after below, we'll insert you in the productin queue and call to confirm delivery arrangements and timing (normally 4 weeks).


Harken Hardware

Harken Hardware are the pre-eminent supplier of dinghy hardware, with a significant on-going investment in new and improved products to give you that edge.   Harken gear has dominated such events as the America's Cup, National and International Titles and of course the Olympics. Make use of our graphical maps to guide you to the recommended one design hardware and give yourself that Harken edge this season.


One Design Guides

Select the following link to be taken to your one design dinghy class guide